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Why is it important to spend the extra time & money on beautiful packaging?

It shows the recipient that you are passionate about your product, and reinforces the handmade ethos – that your product has been lovingly made and packaged by hand – not by some machine in a factory! Everyone loves receiving beautifully wrapped gifts, so if your products are packaged in such a way that the recipient feels like they’re opening a little present, even if it’s just a couple of greeting cards, it will hopefully brighten up their day and make your business stand out, so hopefully they’ll return! It’s not necessary to spend lots of extra money – you can reuse packaging or materials you already have lying around – for example tissue paper and ribbon. Since I buy a lot of handmade things that usually come beautifully packaged, I always keep that packaging for future use!


The top ten requests about packaging

Even though the consumer is not dissatisfied with the packaging available on the market, he would still like to be tempted by functional and attractive packaging ideas, by multi-sensory appeal and creative design - preferably with packaging ideas made from board. He acknowledges additional benefits and appeal and is even willing to pay an extra charge for them. Good starting points for improvements, changes, innovations which optimize the features of packaging that determine buying decisions and thus generate new market potential can be summarized in consumers'' top ten requests about product packaging:

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